Window Repair Inc offers top quality and affordable wood window repair and glass replacement service in Chicago and the suburbs. We also offer preventive maintenance service to ensure your windows are in top condition and operating in a hassle free way. As a reputable and trustworthy company, we provide industry best window and door repair service in Chicago and the suburbs using the highest standard of materials, high-tech tools and equipment’s. Our aim is to ensure proper repair and restoration of your wooden windows/doors, glass replacement and window insulation. We are proud to serve both business and homeowners in Chicago that proves to be cost-effective and ensure a comfortable home all year long. Window Repair Inc provides a wide variety of industry best wood window repair services like glass replacement, window insulation, sealing change, repair and restoration rotten wood windows and doors.  Give us a call today at (847) 881- 6887 or send an email to info@windowrepair.us